How To Fix Back Pain – Fast!

Many of us suffer from back pain now and then, but a lot of us constantly suffer from it. There are many misconceptions about treating this, but this article will show you how to fix back pain, fast!

Common causes of back pain is sedentary lifestyle, bad posture, and not properly using correct posture for lifting heavy objects. The best way to not have back pain is to be pro-active in your everyday life. In other words, don’t be sedentary, use good posture and implement good techniques to lift heavy items.

So, let’s get into how to fix back pain and fast!

How to Prevent Back Pain

First and foremost, let’s get into how to prevent back pain altogether.

Our lifestyle may be one of the main causes for our back pain. Living a sedentary life causes our muscles to be tight especially in our hip flexors, due to sitting for a long time.

Watching TV and being on our cell phones are culprits. Being on these devices can also cause back pain due to using incorrect posture especially being on our cell phones. Our head, on a perfectly postural body, weighs only about 12 pounds, but with a slight 30 degrees forward angle, it can weight up to double.

This can cause tight muscles to form in the upper back, which pulls the muscles on your back, causing pain.

Improperly lifting heavy objects is another common cause for back pain, therefore when lifting large items, be sure to lift with the largest muscles on your body, the leg muscles. If possible, ask a co-worker to help out.

Fix Back Pain by Stretching

A lot of people don’t realize that back pain may be caused by tight muscles. Not just tight muscles on the back itself, but also due to tensed muscles on the legs and other surrounding areas.

Next time you feel tightness on your back muscles, do some light stretching on your front and back thigh muscles. Hold the stretch for at least 45 seconds or more and slowly release the stretch.

Also, stretch your glutes, as these butt muscles can easily pull on your back muscles. Another important muscle to stretch that can fix back pain fast is the psoas muscle. A good set of videos to watch on stretching is from those by Miranda Esmonde-White with Classical Stretch.

If those muscles do not fix back pain fast, try stretching the hip flexors.

You can visit this site for some great stretches.

Fix Back Pain by Massage

A simple trick to fixing back pain fast is by using a tennis ball to massage your back.

You simply do this by laying on the floor or against a hard wall. Place the tennis ball on the back area where you feel pain or tenderness. The tennis ball can be placed on lower or upper back. You can easily control how much pressure you can stand by easing off the ball.

This is such a great way to fix back pain. I do this when I am driving my car especially on long trips.

Another massage tool you can use is a thera cane. It’s ball point can be placed on the tender spot for trigger point work. You simply keep the cane on the spot for about 30 seconds or so.

A foam roller is a great massage tool too. These tools are a great way to use self-massage to ease back pain at low cost.

Fix Back Pain by Other Means

Muscles and bones go hand in hand. I believe that when a bone is out of alignment, it cannot be put back in placed if the muscles are not properly fixed.

Chiropractors are not quacks, they can help unpinch a nerve that’s been causing you pain. Many people experience pinched nerves in their back and seeing a chiropractor can be helpful.

However, it may be more beneficial to see a massage therapist before getting an adjustment. The muscles can be loosened up by the masseuse where the bones can be easily manipulated into its proper alignment to release back pain.

I speak from experience here. I lived with numbness and pain in my hands for about three years before I decided to see a chiropractor. Little did I know, the X-rays he took, showed a pinch nerve on my neck. The next day I could tell that there was less pain in my hands than usual.


I could go on all day long and lay out a simple plan on how to fix back pain, fast.

The best place to start to relieve your pain is to do something about it. Take Action!

See that chiropractor. Make the massage appointment. Use that massage tool.

Move around, as it makes the blood flow, promoting healing. Use correct posture. And please use proper lifting technique for heavy objects.

Don’t forget that when using massage, don’t over do it and drink plenty of water afterwards!

Happy Massaging!


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