How to Give Yourself a Massage – Wherever. Whenever. And Easier Than You Think

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There is nothing more satisfying than being able to reach and finally scratch that itchy spot on your back, is there? Well, I can honestly say that finding a tender spot and massaging it away, yourself, is way much more satisfying. Believe me. I am speaking from experience.

In fact, the spot was so good I almost forgot that I was driving a car. Now don’t try that, but do try the following self-massage techniques that’s been tested and proven over and over again. How to give yourself a massage is easier than you may think and you’ll think so too after reading this article.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!

Techniques To Use

There are many modalities or styles of massage such as Swedish and Acupressure. You may think that giving yourself a massage may limit you on what techniques you can use but surprisingly, you are able to use most of them with ease.

More people are familiar with the technique of a Swedish massage. It is more of a relaxation massage with light pressures but still has benefits, such as increase blood flow and improve immune system.

A deep tissue massage is more of an advanced form of the Swedish massage, but helps more on chronic pain to promote healing.

If you’re willing to try different forms, there is acupressure, hot stone, and aromatherapy. They all have valuable benefits to our bodies.

Implementing the Techniques

Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

Whichever technique you use will depend on your body or the part of the muscle you want to massage. However, some styles will require the assistance of another person or a massage tool, which can easily be purchased on Amazon.

As said before, the Swedish massage technique uses light pressure. To do this at home by yourself, you can use your elbow or forearm to massage your other forearm. Click here to see what I’m talking about. A massage tool you can use for the arm is the Roleo Hand Massager. Watch this video.

Another tool massage is the Rolflex. This amazing tool can massage your forearm, legs, thighs, and even your neck. The video does not show it, but it can be detached to use as a roller. Another tool that is great to giving yourself a massage is the Roller Stick, which is great for runner, like this video shows. I love the simplicity of this tool.

For your back side, and really all over your body, nothing beats giving yourself an easy massage using any foam roller. This video shows you all the different ways to use it.

The best neck and shoulder massager that I have ever used is an electric massager. It can also massage your back as well as your legs and foot. The video shows one brand but there are many others.

Most of the massage tools introduced, so far, implement the Swedish technique, but one simple tool that you probably already have in your home can do a deep tissue massage. And that tool is a tennis ball. Now the key to some of the exercises shown on the video depends on how much pressure you put on yourself. I love the tennis ball because I can take it anywhere with me. I even use it while I’m driving!

Now remember to drink a lot of water after massaging yourself and do not over do it.

How Often Should You Give Yourself a Massage

Regularly massaging yourself, no doubt, does your body good. And the benefits these massages has on your health is probably understated.

Giving yourself a massage once a week will be beneficial, but if you feel like an area of your body needs more attention, then feel free to do more. That being said, however, do not over do it as your muscles can get irritated and inflamed.

If you put too much pressure and go beyond your pain threshold, then your body will go on defense mode and your massage will not benefit you at all.

Everyone’s body is different, so how often you should massage should depend on you, just don’t over work the muscles.

Where Can You Give Yourself a Massage – Home or Car?

The easy answer to the question above is both and everywhere and anywhere. My friends and family laugh at me all the time because I am constantly lugging a bag that has all my massage tools.

I use the tennis ball while I’m driving. A brand of the neck and shoulder massager has a car plug in so you can take that with you as well.

As a matter of fact, you can take all the massage tools I’ve mention. I even take them with me on vacations.


There you have it. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Not only is giving yourself a massage easy and with affordable tools, you can receive a massage whenever and wherever you wish.

Whether you want a Swedish or Acupressure massage, you have the power at your fingertips, no pun intended, or with a simple push of a button. Don’t wait. Take action today!

Happy Massaging!


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