Rolflex Reviews – My Go-To Massage Tool

  • PRODUCT: Rolflex / Rolflex Pro
  • WHAT IS IT: A massage tool that’s been “endorsed by Top Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers in the World” used to treat tight muscles and fascia.
  • PROS: Massages several muscles, i.e. neck/arms/thighs; compact size to carry EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE; helps with tendinitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and many other issues.
  • CON: Has many parts to it.
  • COST: Amazon & $69.95+
  • MY RATING: 4.5 out of 5

Rolflex – Reviews

I have at least over ten massage tools that I have bought over my lifetime as a massage enthusiast, if there is such a person.

No other massage tool has compared to how amazing the Rolflex is! It is definitely my main choice to take with me whenever I go on a short or long car ride (especially if I know the hubby is driving) and I definitely take it with me on vacations.

So why is it my Go-To massage tool? Here are my top 3 reasons:

#1: Massages my neck, pecs, arms, thighs, calves, foot…

The Rolflex massager even massages behind your elbow and your knee! I didn’t know what all muscles this tool can massage until I watched the videos made by the creator. Check out their website for instructional videos!

The foam roller is soft, but yet strong enough to give your shin muscles a good rub down.

I bought this tool before I realized it’s power. To my surprised, it can also massage the abdominal muscles, such as the obliques.

#2: Massage tool has been designed well…

Have you ever used a massage tool, that while using it, your other muscles tire out and then you end up having to massage that muscle too!

The Rolflex has been ergonomically designed well, so that your other muscles do not suffer.

Now I listed, as a con for this tool, that there are many parts to it.

However, these parts are what helps keep you from abusing or overworking other muscles when using it.

This tool can be taken apart, put back together, or just use one part of it, if it makes sense to do so.

#3: Massages can be easily controlled by you…

To go back to the different parts this massage tool has, allows you to pin point your massage. You can easily control how light or deep you want to massage using the strap it comes with.

Now most of us want a massage from human hands, but this comes close to it!

Their website claims, and I agree that “anyone can do customized myofascial release therapy which is easy to learn, self-administer and implemented within minutes watching the online videos.”

Overall Review

If you were to read the reviews from other people who have bought it on Amazon, you will be convinced at it’s value. Most have given it at least 4 stars!

Some have claimed that it has help alleviate their tennis elbow and that even a chiropractor was using it on them. Another mentioned that it helped reduce swelling after a radiation therapy.

Overall, I love the facts that the Rolflex can massage most of my muscles, it’s small for easy carry-on, and it’s basically the best massage tool that I can manipulate to fit my own self-care treatment according to my liking.

Last but not least, I always have to mention to not over do it, although it may be hard with this tool. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

Comment below if you have this amazing tool and let others know how it has helped you!

Happy Massaging!


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